Welcome to GRIT-The Group for Internship Training Network!

Essential support for rural psychology internship programs.

What is GRIT?

The Group for Internship Training (GRIT) is a members-only professional network & resource hub for doctoral psychology internship Training Directors & Faculty.

GRIT was built to support the operation and quality of doctoral-level psychology training programs. GRIT programming runs on a 12-month schedule beginning in September of every year through August of the next year.   

GRIT is designed to be there when you need it - whether it’s professional training options for interns (didactics) or consultation and problem-solving challenging administrative or intern personnel situations.  

GRIT makes it easy to access resources and consultation support that has immediate utility and value to your internship training program throughout the year.

GRIT also serves as a professional peer community - connecting you to a network of your colleagues from other programs across the county.

Benefits of GRIT Membership

GRIT provides internship faculty with 5 core offerings:

  • Expert consultation related to internship accreditation, navigating intern challenges, required data collection, and more
  • Live and on-demand trainings for interns, all of which align with APA's Profession Wide Competencies & meet APA requirements for internship didactics
  • APA-approved Continuing Education opportunities for faculty
  • Recruitment tools to supporting connecting interns with postdoc training opportunities
  • Opportunity to connect with professional peers across the national psychology training community

Please select the "Request to Join" button above or contact us as [email protected] for more information!

Our Appreciation

GRIT’s professional content, trainings, and platform are administered by Clover Educational Consulting Group. But the GRIT community became a reality because of the vision and dedication of its founding members and advisors: 

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